• Guided Tahr hunt with Richie McCaw
  • Clydesdales on horse trek
  • New Zealand Mountain Scenery
  • Heli Tahr Hunting
  • Tahr on the mountain
  • New Zealand winter
  • Mountain hunting for Tahr
  • Trophy deer
  • Trophy Tahr
  • New Zealand farming

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Are you a serious hunter who's keen to hunt New Zealand's finest free-range Tahr in some of the most spectacular terrain in the country?.... If your answer's yes, then read on!
The rugged mountains of the South Island provide the breathtaking backdrop for our unique range of guided hunting options. We have access to world-class hunting lodges, hotels, remote mountain cabins and fine dining.
From the rough to the regal, 2 Horn Hunting can cater to every requirement you might have for your ideal Tahr hunting experience.
So Contact us now about an expedition you'll never forget. Also See Country Calendarís documentary on us, when we took All Blacks captain Richie McCaw on a thrilling Tahr hunt.